Isobel's Hypnotherapy workshops can be arranged to cover any of the topics listed below:

Inner Child - a unique and enlightening workshop that will make you love, laugh and cry.  Together we shall explore the inner child within all of us.  We will attempt to rescue the wounded child in a safe and effective way.  This will undoubtedly enhance the quality of the rest of your life.

This is a 2 day workshop

Self Hypnosis Workshop  - Self hypnosis is a fantastic tool to have.  Everyone needs to unwind and relax during the day.  If you can master Self-Hypnosis you will have all the benefits of a mindfulness session, meditation and you will be able to use it as a daily therapy to achieve your personal goals. Once learned, practice is the only thing you will need!

This is a 2 hour workshop

Past Life Regression - Past life regression can be used for therapy or for fun.  The theory is that  we bring into this life highly charged emotions from our previous lives.  Our present day selves may harbour issues from a past life, nightmares, aches and pains, the people around us and of course that feeling of deja-vu!

Hypnotherapy is used to regress a person back to that past-life.  During the session as much fact gathering will take place to later put into the computer to see if we can find some evidence of that person's actual existence.

This is a fascinating workshop and though it is not evidence based I remain open-minded about it.  I do take great precautions never to regress a person back to an unhappy or unpleasant time as this can prove traumatic to all involved!

This is a half-day/evening workshop 


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