Fears and Phobias

Fears and phobias affect a great many people over a huge range of issues:

The most common are fear of:
  • spiders
  • snakes
  • mice
  • heights
  • closed spaces
  • needles/injections
  • public speaking
  • flying 
  • germs . . . the list goes on and on

Hypnotherapy by Isobel's Curing Fears and Phobias Program continues to help people adversely affected by phobias of virtually every description. Phobias can often blight peoples lives adversely affecting their everyday life, career opportunities, relationships and overall contentment and fulfillment.

Past experiences, learned behaviors and even the increasing pace of modern life encourage the growth of phobias. Hypnosis proves a very useful aid to your own conscious desire to change, so your phobia no longer hinders your enjoyment of life. By the careful use of suggestion and visualisation the subconscious mind can be, in effect taught, to respond and act differently when it comes to facing your fear.NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is also built into the session for added effectiveness.

Here's Colleen's experience


Colleen H – 56yrs, Company Secretary, Leeds
Fear of heights

After my hypnotherapy session, I went to Filey that weekend, we walk down Filey Brigg and it was just like our session, I kept breathing and not looked down and remembered the walking on the beach, the chair n towel etc and I did it! I am a lot calmer, I don't get stressed out and have taken everything in my stride and I am calm, can't believe how calm I am, thanks. All positive thinking, Xx thanks"

Hypnosis is entirely natural, safe & relaxing. You will remain conscious and in complete control throughout.

Fee per session £75.00


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